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About Open Enrollment

We are pleased to inform you that your union is currently in an open enrollment.

The purpose of this Group Insurance Plan, which includes Accident and Critical Illness coverage, is to give you options to supplement your income in the event that you cannot work due to an injury or critical illness.

All insurance under this Union Group Policy will cover you for as long as you continue to remain actively employed, pay premium, and be in good standing with the union.

All of the available coverages are offered separately and a Member’s participation in one or all of those coverages, and the level to which he or she elects to participate, is voluntary and strictly the individual’s choice.

Participant and Claimant Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to notify Union One Benefits Management if your employment, union status, contact information, or salary changes. Failure to properly notify Union One will result in loss of premiums and/or insurance coverage. Notification to Union One must be made by phone at (224) 770−5305 and/or by email at info@unionone.com.

Income Verification Notice

In the event a claim is filed, you will be required to verify your income by providing your prior year’s W-2 and/or three full months of paystubs. Benefit payments are subject to change based on the income you can verify at time of claim.

Benefits Offsets, Reductions and Overpayments

Benefits may be reduced where offsets apply. Benefit amounts illustrated on the Summary of Benefits & Rates guide do not reflect any applicable offsets. It is your responsibility as the claimant to notify Union One and the Insurance Company of any other income sources you are receiving; failure to do so may result in an overpayment that you will be required to repay. Please review the Group Policy for further information. If you have any questions regarding offsets, please call Union One at (224) 770−5305.

As an individual member of the union, if you have voluntarily elected to participate and pay premium for coverage, it is your responsibility to understand the group policy and its provisions.

Premium Payments, Calculations and Adjustments

Renewal Notice

This is a Group Insurance Plan offered through your union. As such, at renewal your rates and benefits may change or non-renew based on the overall claims experience of the group and/or participation requirements not being met. Further, any substantial change to the makeup of the group, such as a change in the member demographics, that impacts the underwriting risk of the plan may immediately result in a change to the plan.

At renewal, if you do not call Union One to re-enroll or discontinue coverage, you herby authorize and give permission to Union One to auto-enroll you in the renewal plan benefits that most resemble your currently elected benefits. Auto-enrollment could result in a potential increase in your monthly or bimonthly premium drafts. Please understand, this is intended to ensure no member loses coverage for failing or forgetting to take the time to renew or re-enroll. Given that all benefits are “Voluntary” you can cancel or lower your coverage at any time.

Loss of Premiums Notice

If you do not contact our office within 90 days of your date of dismissal, date of retirement, date in which you left the IBEW, there will be no refund for any premiums paid. It is the sole responsibility of the member to contact Union One Benefits Management at (224) 770−5305 or by email at info@unionone.com within the 90 day allotted time.

Failure to Make a Payment

Participating members for whatever reason may miss a premium payment from time to time. The current plan allows for a 60 day grace period to make up any missed premium payments.

Administrative & Transaction Costs

All administrative and transaction fees (fees) are included in your monthly premium. These fees cover the costs associated with, but not limited to, premium processing, premium returns, postage, policy correspondence, claims advocacy and other ancillary expenses associated with the administration of your elections. These monthly fees are applied to all coverages shown on the Summary of Benefits & Rates.

Included when premium is collected: Payment Transaction Fee 1.00 per transaction.